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Phone number of Mr. RISMIYANTO ,ST at Jogjakarta
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Mobile number of Mr. RISMIYANTO ,ST at Jogjakarta
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Fax number of Mr. RISMIYANTO ,ST at Jogjakarta
Jl. Sugeng Jeroni No. 72 Yogyakarta
Jogjakarta 55251, Yogyakarta
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24-hour Contact Center : 081 864 0850
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Products Catalog

Fire Fighting Equitment | Hose | Fire Alarm | Heat Detector | Smocke Detector | Fire Hose | Fire Hydrant | Nozzle | Fire Extinguisher | Pemadam | Hydrant Pillar | Fire Hose | Selang Pemadam | Apar Ringan | ABC Powder | CO2 | Foam | Alat Pemadam Api Ringan
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Payment MethodTelegraphic Transfer (T/T), Cashier Order
QuantitySesuai Permintaan
Pack. & Deliverysatuan /set / unit


A. Fire Hydrant Ozeki, zeki.
Hydrant Box, Machino Coupling, Branch Pipe and Nozzle, Spray Nozzle, Siamese Connection, Hydrant Valve, Hose Rack, Hydrant Pillar, Fire Hose, Jet Star Fire Hose, Ozeki Fire Hose, Cotton Yarn, Polyester Fibre and Black Rubber Line, Three way fire hydrant pillar, fire brigade connection, Two way fire brigade connection, machino connection, van der heyde connection, two way hydrant pillar one way hydrant pillar, Potter electric vane type waterflow alarm switch with retard.

B. FIRE ALARM, Fire Detector, Smoke Detector, Differential Detector, Fixed Temperature Heat Detector, Gas Detector, Flame Detector, Common Base, Indicating Lamp, Zone Bell, Fire Alarm Control Panel, Fire Signal Receiving SetFire Signal Transmitter, General Fire Alarm Control Panel, Door Indication Light, Electronic Buzzer, Gas Leakage Alarm Panel, Nittan Fire Alarm System, Fire Alarm Control Panel, Manual Alarm Station, Bell and Others, Local Combined Box, Annuciator Panel/ PSD, Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Fixed Temp Heat Detector, Ionization Smoke Detector, Rate of Rise Heat Detector, CNS 8877HC-407, HC-202D series 200, HC-1W, HC-2W, Motor Alarm Bell, Model HC-306L, P-1 Type Control Panle Model 1PK0, Swing & Fixed Type Fire Hose Reels, HC-202D, HC-307D, HC-407D, HC-601-UV, HC-207, HC-206A, HC-54D, HC-306A, HC-208, HC-602, HC-1024, HC-1120, HC-1220, HC-624B, HC-612B, HC-300L, HC-1W, HC-2W, HC-200L, HC-501R

C. FIRE SPRINKLER, viking, micromatic sprinkler, horizon sprinkler, shilhouette sprinkler, pendent, upright, conventional, sidewall sprinkler, microfast sprinkler, special application sprinkler, Micromatic Sprinkler Model M, Sidewall sprinkler, adjustable escutcheon model E-1, Horizon Mirage Concealed SprinklerAlarm Check Valve Model J-1, Water Motor Alarm, F61, Series Standard Flow Rate Switch, Vane Tye Waterflow Switch with retard, outside screw and yoke valve supervisory switch, OSYSU-1 STK. No. 1010106, 1010206, 1MFI-R & 2MFI-R, PL-R4, PSD-nL, 2KH-LS, 2IC-LS, 2SC-LS

D. Water Pump, Portable water pump, Fire Pump

E. Fire Extinguisher Dry Chemical / CO2, portable, wheel carrying, hooseki, yamato, Viking, ABCE Class Fire, CO2 BC Class Fire, appron
Akron, Auto_Matrix, Amerex, Ansul, Angus, ABM, Alpindo, Apron, Bullard, Cobra, Chubb, Duraline, Fire Hose RRC, Firotec, Falcon, Golden Metal, Germany, Haws, Jet Star, Elkhart, Mini Max, Miyako, Nittan, National, MSA, Peacock, Red Guard, Sakura, Sabo, Spectronic, Hayes, Spray Safe, Hatsuta, Viking, Wilson, Zeki, Ozeki, Zieglar, pryocem etc.
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